Sustainancy works policies and programs in creating livable, compact, walkable, cycling-friendly cities and neighborhoods in order to combat the problems like air, noise and time pollution, traffic congestion and lack of basic facilities in the rapidly urbanized and haphazardly developed cities. Realizing the need for efficient Traffic and Transportation Planning and SCPL has been consulting Government and Private Sector for designing various transportation infrastructure like terminals, ports, stations etc.

Information Technology

Urban transport planning

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainancy has been using Information Technology and applications to help cities plan better. Innovations like Big Data, Block Chain, Machine Learning and related algorithms have a huge potential to help better planning of cities and SCPL has been providing solutions for Municipal Authorities and Traffic Police to use these for City surveillance, E-Challans, tracking traffic violations and keeping documents safe.  


Environment solutions

Sustainancy works actively with Corporates to help them plan, manage and utilize their CSR funds in a transparent, effective way and ensure that the money is spent in such a way and on such projects that have maximum benefits to the local community. Using CSR funds Sustainancy has been working into areas like education, environmental sustainabilty, social welfare, preservation of arts, culture, women empowerment and rural development.

Sustainancy has been working actively to help developers, organizations to understand Environment Impacts, enabling communities to reduce their Carbon Footprint by shifting the dependence on renewable resources. Use of Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Bio-energy are some of the solutions that Sustainancy has been working on and helping local communities implement and adapt to.